In 1972, Sunshine Welding got its start with one employee, Jim Smith, who planned to provide welding and manufacturing services for the local community. When the oil crisis hit the next year, the Merritt Island shop grew to meet the demand for aluminum fuel tanks as limited supplies of fuel were rationed.

With the fuel crisis came a new opportunity for Sunshine Welding in sheet metal manufacturing, and as it became proficient in manufacturing fuel tanks, a new door was opened into the marine industry. The aluminum fuel tanks and and sheet metal products they made so well were perfect for the boating world and its need for custom aluminum tanks. Eventually, Sunshine Welding expanded into pipe and tubing manufacturing, producing T-tops, Towers, railings and various products for marine applications which is a large part of our business today.

The introduction of water jet cutting in 2006 gave Sunshine Welding a competitive edge as it allowed for greater versatility and better efficiency. Water jet cutting was a rapidly developing technology, and it’s wide range of uses and improved tolerances led to fabrication opportunities in steel and stainless steel products as well as aluminum. Sunshine Welding is now the only shop in the area with two water jet cutters, offering it’s customers larger capacity, faster turnaround time, and less off-line time.

For over forty years, Sunshine Welding has been building on it’s experience while incorporating new technology as it develops. This fully-capable manufacturing facility strives to be an industry leader in quality and service.

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