Sunshine, Drinks and Cup Holders

You can never have enough cup holders. Even on your boat. This discovery by one of our employees led to our innovative new custom cup holder. Its impressive looks and functionality, along with being easy to mount, have made it a must-have for the marine and charter fishing industries.

All of our cup holders are precision-cut on one of our water jets from your choice of industry-standard, high-strength 5052 aluminum or 316L stainless steel. By water jet cutting all of our cup holders, we preserve the strength and durability of each frame. Once off the water jet, we are able to bend each frame to an exact degree. The final step of the process is to carefully polish each cup holder frame to a mirror finish and prepare it for shipping.

One of the defining features of our cup holder is its easy mount mechanics. Simply remove the plastic insert from its stainless steel or aluminum frame and either screw or bolt the frame using the hardware provided onto virtually any surface. Once attached, just slide the plastic insert back into place and it is ready for your cup or can. This model also features a drain hole so the insert does not fill with water or condensation.

You can mount this cup holder on boats, RVs, porches, ATVs…anywhere you need someplace to rest your drink. No matter where you mount it, you can count on it being up to our high standards.


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