Obsolete Blueprints and Tank Engines

It’s not very often that someone walks into your business and says they need to lift a tank engine. Here at Sunshine Welding, that’s just another day. We received word from a customer that he had a set of plans for a system to hoist and remove tank engines. These devices are pretty awesome, in addition to being used for our own military, they will also be used for numerous other countries around the world.

For this particular project the customer chose to go the route of supplying his own material. After the parts had been water jet cut, the fabricator was handed an old dusty set of obsolete military spec blueprints and told to “make it happen”. Here at Sunshine Welding we have the ability and the connections to make just about anything happen. When the lift system was fully assembled we transported the product to our close friends over at Excell Powder coating.

Excell is located right  next door to us here in Port Canaveral, Florida, making it very easy for us to get a product painted for a customer. At Excell they were able to paint the lift to the exact color requested by the customer. The best part about this job is that after giving us the material, the customer did not have to lift a finger. From material to finished and painted product Sunshine Welding makes it happen everyday.





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