Poling Platform

Poling platforms

Adding a poling platform to your boat is a surefire way to increase the effectiveness of your outings. From giving you a better viewpoint, to allowing you to maneuver through the marshes. Poling platforms are a must have for any shallow water boater. This custom poling platform was made during the week a customer was here on vacation from Minnesota. He was able to drop off the boat, enjoy his vacation and pick it up on his way home. The fabricators built this platform to match his specifications.

Fitting over the motor to retain a full turning radius, and sneaking by shallow water anchor’s are easy task’s for our custom fabricators. With six rod holders, dual steps and a light plate the ease of use is beyond comparison. To get started on your custom poling platform or any addition to your boat, contact Sunshine Welding on Facebook @SunshineWeldingsocial, our website www.SunshineWelding.com, or give us a call at 321-784-4838. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @SunshineWelding for more cool projects.

matt on poling platform



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