custom driveway gate

Custom Gates for Homes and Driveways

Are you having trouble finding a gate for your home or business? Maybe you have your own idea but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Well look no further, Sunshine Welding has the ability to create almost any gate or fence that you can imagine.

Located in Merritt Island, Fl. is a rather large aluminum gate made up of 3 pieces of sheet metal. This customer came to Sunshine Welding with a vision and a very rough sketch. After conversations with the customer our artists were able to make his dream become a reality. We perfected his sketch to a point where we could transfer it into a digital format and have the pieces water jet cut. The 3 separate pieces were assembled and installed on the custom made frame. Afterwards a local artist had the opportunity to add some color.

This is just another great example of the creativity that we can accomplish together with our customers at Sunshine Welding. If you have an idea, and you have been searching for the right company to create it, call or e-mail Sunshine Welding today, and let the gates of opportunity open for you!

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