Upper Control Station with Buggy Top

Buggy Top ready to be mounted.
(Canvas Top and Control Box not shown, added after photos)

Visibility is the key to success while fishing, with an upper control station with buggy top you’ll be able to see farther than you thought possible! Sunshine provides quality craftsmanship & unique construction in our buggy tops.

This top will fold with NO TOOLS!! Depending on bridges and clearance, the upper control station buggy top will need to be folded down. This can be done extremely easily with Sunshine Welding’s folding design. A simple twist to unlock the structure, and it’s down in no time. Also, since the buggy is made almost exclusively of aluminum it will save weight.

The canvas used for the top and cushions is marine grade and will perform outstandingly well in demanding salt- and freshwater environments. It is 100% waterproof, mildew resistant, some of the highest ratings for UV resistance, and lifespan guarantee of 8-10 years. Also, being resistant to dirt buildup will allow for easy, quick cleaning. The control box installed is easy to use and is top marine electronic grade.

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