Poling Platforms

Poling platforms are a must-have for any shallow water boater! Not only will it improve your view, it also increases your maneuverability. Poling platforms can also add a lot of fun to your day of fishing, tubing, or skiing. Sunshine Welding poling platforms are designed and built to match each boat. Our fabricators build with you in mind, making sure …

CNC Machining at Sunshine Welding

Sunshine Welding’s machinists are highly skilled in CNC milling. Featured in the sequence of photos, a 6 inch billet of 6061 Aluminum is turned into a part incorporated into a product. For more info on other machining we do and to see more from Sunshine Welding on social media, head on over to our FaceBook page: facebook.com/sunshineweldingsocial

With summer fast approaching don't get stuck at the boat ramp with a leaking fuel tank. Sunshine Welding can fabricate you a new fuel tank from your specifications, or we can copy from your existing tank. Custom tanks are not a problem either, just let us know what you want and we can make it happen!

Sunshine Welding can fabricate you a new custom fuel tank from your boats specifications, or we can copy and reproduce your existing tank!